How We Serve You

We work with groups as small as six people and as many as 600 – in their boardroom or offsite in a ballroom. Our engagements range from a couple of hours to multiple days (and have stretched over several months for strategic innovation and change projects) with some clients calling upon us repeatedly for 20+ years.

Below are examples to share with you the sorts of learning programs, offsite workshops and consultative services we offer.

Culture, Leadership and Team Development 

Culture Change

The foundation of effective human systems is the human-to-human bond that allows us to trust, value and harness our differences to build the connections that make high performance consistently achievable.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so we help organizations establish a baseline of their current culture state and support them in designing and executing the initiatives that will drive towards the desired future culture.

Leadership Development

We focus on mindset, which is foundational to the adaptive leadership that organizations need today. Mindset is fundamentally a function of character, grown through experience.

Our experiential simulations are ideal for building self-awareness and expanding a repertoire of impactful, best-practice leadership capabilities.

We have more than three decades of experience linking individual leadership learning to business performance through action learning.

Team Effectiveness

Our experiential learning methodology was born here. We immerse teams in real-life or simulated adventure challenges, structured and framed so that participants engage with their learning edges.

Tapping into our targeted models of organizational best practices, teams come away with a greater sense of their own strengths and a commitment to honing collaborative powers for greater performance

Click below to view or download outlines of some of the different workshops we offer:


Team Everest 

The story of Canada’s most famous and successful Everest expedition serves as the basis for this learning program. 

 This gripping multi-media simulation engages participants in the process of making team-based decisions grounded in a set of guiding principles while under time pressure, in spite of information overload and at times ambiguity. 

 Anchored in a powerful and memorable metaphor, while immersing your team in a visually stunning experience – this highly customizable workshop can be linked to address your own organizational challenges as you strive collaboratively to reach greater heights!


Market Facing

We deploy Design Thinking methodology in an accelerated innovation process that starts with your organization’s end users, following the trajectory of Desirability (they agree this will serve customers/stakeholders) then moving to Feasibility (how might we execute differently?) and ultimately to accountabilities for action in a roadmap to Viability (detailing how we will track impact &/or profitability).


The world-class consultants on our Innovation through Disruption Team are experienced futurists with the insights and change-catalyst skills your organization can leverage to accelerate innovation to keep ahead of the far-reaching effects of disruption impacting markets worldwide.


Using your 4D-i  (four dimensions of intelligence) for high performance at work!

By taking a 15-minute online questionnaire, this thinking preference tool can give you a thorough understanding of the specific thinking strategies that you prefer to use and rely on every day.  

Designed as an assessment for learning, the 4D-i® is not an assessment of cognitive competence, proficiency or personality.  The purpose of the instrument is to give you insights both into the particular thinking and emotional strategies you like to use and provide ways for you to expand your skills and capabilities to meet the demands of the 21st Century.

  Innovation, collaboration, problem-solving and communication are the skills smart organizations need to develop in order to succeed in the 21st Century.

DesignThinker – emerse yourself in IDEO’s world-renowned approach to innovation!

Step your people through the essentials of a four-month innovation project in an engaging half-day or full-day workshop. 

 Teams tackle a realistic design challenge while applying the three phases of design thinking. This simulation teaches people how to: identify challenges that are human-centered; observe users to build empathy’ form unique user insights based on observations; and create learning-oriented experiments. 

 As a result, your people will develop an awareness of and support for design thinking as an approach to problem solving. You will practice the skills to tackle a design thinking project from start to finish and encourage individual commitment to personally practice design thinking techniques.