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About Dixon & Associates

We have facilitated hundreds of experiential team and leadership workshops around the world. Along with our process design and guidance of strategic planning and innovation initiatives, this deep well of experience has made us master architects and facilitators of successful organizational development processes.

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Below we present a core sampling of our talent pool:

Culture, Leadership & Team Development Crew

John Stevens

John ‘s thirty years’ experience as a writer, editor and facilitator allow him to bring a broad range of experience to bear on the task of building meaning and impact into organizational initiatives: “I find the most powerful connections are made when our stories intersect.”

John is the principle of the company that developed TeamEverest, the interactive digital adventure simulation that provides compelling experiences, demanding challenges and deep learning opportunities for groups from six to 600.

Belinda Clemmensen

Belinda Clemmensen has been a management and training & development consultant since 1994. Her skill and experience have made her a sought after designer and facilitator of corporate training initiatives across North America and beyond. Her specializations include leadership development, effective teams, organizational culture change, conflict resolution, change management, and coaching. The foundation for Belinda’s work with people matches respect, sensitivity and authenticity with a high degree of technical competence.

Peter Bailey

Peter serves our clients by creating and facilitating a wide variety of unique experiential programs. His mandate has been to create engaging, intense experiences that reflect specific organizational issues.Peter founded the Canadian Ropes Course Company in 1988, which has provided organizations across Canada with design, construction, facilitation, and staff-training for a variety of adventure-based learning facilities    

Innovation Team

Ron Mandel

Our Innovative solutions facilitator, Ron has consulted with clients in Canada, United States, Europe, and Asia on change management projects and strategic planning initiatives. He has also developed a unique approach to creativity and innovation. His Compelling Cause is to be an advocate for sacred Corporate Social Responsibility that fosters a sense of pride in the staff for their organization and that leverages their experience and expertise to positively impact the wider community.

Tim Dixon

For more than 20 years, Tim has been engaging a wide range of leadership teams, Boards and entire organizations through his strategic planning and innovation processes, often leveraging the cutting-edge on-line collaboration platform called ThinkTank.  Tim’s areas of specialization include using design-thinking approaches such as an environmental scan through stakeholder engagement, accelerating collaborative ideation and leveraging decision-support technology to launch the execution of action plans with performance metrics to track and assess success.

Tim's Bounce Back Story

Jim Harris

Jim Harris is a one of North America’s foremost thought leaders, management consultants and authors on disruptive innovation. Association magazine ranked him as one of the nation’s top ten speakers. He works internationally conducting strategic planning sessions with executive teams future trends, mitigating risk, employee engagement and change.



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