Leveraging Resilience & Relationships in consulting, coaching & counselling

Both individuals and organizations need to build capacity for adapting to change

With Dixon & Associates as a guide-on-the-side during their journey to growth, clients avoid obstacles or bounce back better with learning  and new capabilities

How We Serve You


These days organizational success no longer comes through incremental changes in strategy and tweaking team performance – we’re not just managing change, we’re negotiating massive disruptive change. We partner with our clients today to be more than prepared; we help them transform themselves to get ahead of the breaking waves of social and technological disruption. Our innovation processes will broaden the lens for considering your organization’s ecosystem and challenge your thinking on what is possible - ultimately leading to systems for tracking the impact of your experiments in serving your market differently.

Leadership & Team Development

We have decades of experience working with clients to raise their game through visionary leadership, high performance teamwork and the relationship focus that produces breakthrough collaboration. Whether your needs include engaging experiential-learning workshops for larger groups at offsite events, or you are looking to sharpen the edge through a longer-term approach to team effectiveness anchored in tools to explore diversity of leadership behaviors and team dynamics - we are deeply steeped in best-practice models, methods and assessments.

Culture, Change & Transition

The one non-technology domain all organizations need to attend to in a digital age is culture. Does your company’s culture match your strategic change ambitions, or will it actually get in the way? Our suite of tools and processes include assessing the current state of your organizational culture, mapping with key stakeholders the initiatives that will drive changes needed to execute new strategies, and supporting leaders and teams through those adaptions – we help strengthen your organizational resilience.

Why Dixon & Associates?

High Touch Relationships in High Tech Times has been the foundation of our work, leveraging the convergence of technology-assisted learning and action-based simulations to immerse people in gripping, memorable experiences.

…because we delight our clients!

“I was impressed with Tim’s ability to help us develop specific and pragmatic action plans. Consistently Tim’s team has managed to help us have the right conversations while we participate in fun activities, captivating simulations, and highly customized learning programs.
CFO- The Home Depot
“I just wanted to send you our thanks for helping our management team envision the long-term strategy for growth in our business and plan to execute the organization changes required to drive this growth. Using the decision-support technology was a great idea, as we really moved through a lot of content quickly and were able to capture feedback on the Action Plans real time.
President & CEO- Festo Inc.
“Using ThinkTank technology, Tim provided us with a very client-centric approach to developing and supporting our strategic planning session. The added benefits were greatly appreciated as the ThinkTank solution supported the group’s prioritization and discussion."

VP of Strategic Planning-
The Co-Operators

We have received outstanding client feedback for accelerating their strategic planning process by both reducing time needed ‘offsite locked-in meetings’ and for the resulting clarity of commitment for Action Plans. We have been leveraging our experience for 25 years when utilizing the online collaboration platforms like Power Noodle.

Leveraging Crowd-Sourcing

“Executive team & board retreats grounded in sticky-dot-ocracy, after post-it brain-storming on flipcharts are not the best use of precious time nor an organization's collective intelligence, as this often fails to harvest their full wisdom-of-the-crowd power."

Tim Dixon - Chief Experience Officer

We Help You Transform Your Culture

Leadership in organizations that understand the connection between their organizational culture and executing their business strategy also live the truth “you can manage what you don’t measure”. 

Our crew of change agents and facilitators have been engaged for over two decades guiding organizations ready to examine and improve the “HOW we work together in here” so they can radically enhance “WHAT service we provide out there”!

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